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Blue Tide Environmental: Re-refining facility nears completion of Phase 2 expansion

April 8, 2024

BlueTide Environmental, a pioneering force in sustainable oil production, is on the brink of completing Phase 2 of its ambitious re-refining facility expansion project in Baytown. With the first phase concluded in late 2023, which saw the successful production of Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO), the company now progresses to the construction of a Hydrotreater, marking a significant stride towards its goal of producing top-tier base oils for lubricants and specialty products.

“We’re thrilled to be moving ahead with our expansion plans,” remarked a spokesperson for BlueTide Environmental. “The completion of Phase 1 was a major milestone, and now, as we enter Phase 2, we’re well on track to meet our target for startup in June of this year.”

The Hydrotreater, a crucial component in the re-refining process, utilizes high-pressure techniques along with hydrogen to refine VGO into a pristine, water-clear base oil product. This step represents a leap forward in Blue Tide’s mission to transform used oil into premium-grade resources while significantly reducing environmental impact.

While Phase 3 remains a possibility for future expansion, BlueTide Environmental is currently focused on maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. The company’s cutting-edge technology is capable of producing Group III base oils (synthetic), providing flexibility for potential market shifts while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility.

In terms of sustainability efforts, BlueTide Environmental remains dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint. Through re-refining, the company adopts a circular model for used oil, effectively mitigating environmental harm associated with traditional disposal methods. Moreover, re-refined base oils boast a substantial reduction in carbon emissions compared to products derived from virgin base oil, positioning BlueTide as a leader in sustainable lubricant production.

Employment at the facility stands at 60 individuals, with ongoing recruitment efforts to fill various positions crucial to the company’s operations. BlueTide Environmental takes pride in its workforce and looks forward to expanding opportunities for employment in the Baytown area.

Community involvement remains a cornerstone of Blue Tide’s ethos, with the company actively engaging with local charities and initiatives. BlueTide remains committed to its community partnerships and looks forward to further enhancing its impact in Baytown and beyond.

Looking ahead, BlueTide Environmental sees a bright future as a leader in the re-refining industry. With plans for continued growth and exploration of global opportunities, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and innovation.